5 Tips to Curb Candy Cravings

5 Tips to Curb Candy Cravings

5 Tips to Curb Candy Cravings

Suffering from a candy induced Halloween hangover?

Are you looking for a bounce back after your candy binge?

Here’s a quick detox from the damage that’s been done!

After a week of Butterfingers, Rockets, and Twizzlers (oh my!)!

Oh yes… we were there too!

Here’s a fast 5 that will be put into play this week:

  1. WATER: not just for helping to flush out all your indecencies, but it will also help you have more energy! Make it a priority to drink up! (our rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces each day!)
  2. EXERCISE: don’t use it as a punishment, but an opportunity to recharge and refuel your energy and confidence levels after your not-so-great eating days.
  3. SNACKS: be intentional about snacks you pack this coming week for work! Many of your coworkers will bring in extra candy from home and the bowls will be overflowing! Avoid temptation and stick to what you’ve brought… which will be your healthiest choices
  4. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND: that’s right… move it! Out of the house is preferable. Donate it, hide it, portion it out for your kids, but if you’re like me… ‘trigger’ foods are doomsville, so we typically don’t have them in the house. Halloween is hard for that, so once the day is done… it’s gone baby gone. Here’s some other tips for parents, but our #1 is the “Good Witch”. This is how it goes… kids get to keep a small portion and the rest is put out over night for the Good Witch to take! She takes it and in exchange leaves a gift for each of them. Works like a charm… 😉
  5. INSTANT FORGIVENESS: LET IT GO! We learn as we go and as long as you can reflect on it and learn from it… there’s no point in dwelling on it. Guilt will do you more harm. 


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