Success Story Sunday: Erin

Success Story Sunday: Erin This week’s Success Story Sunday celebrates our friend and Coach, Erin, who’s been on a remarkable journey since she made a choice and said, “no more excuses!” Here is here story in her own words… I was a girl with excuses. I gained a lot of weight during my two pregnancies. On my second maternity leave I was consistent with the gym and eating pretty healthy. I lost the weight. However, I cut carbs and wasn’t eating enough, so when I started working full time again… it came back on. Fast. It was easier to eat a sandwich and make excuses than fit in a workout at lunch and I didn’t want to go after work as I missed my kids terribly and wanted to get home to them. I did start an at-home workout program, Insanity, and made it 3 weeks…and stopped. There was no real reason except I let those excuses come back. Two years ago, my journey brought me back to at-home workout programs on a whole new level!  I was struggling with my weight, struggling with fitting in fitness, struggling with nutrition and something needed to change! I was too busy to be tired and overweight…and that’s when a friend introduced me to the 21 Day Fix. The 21 Day Fix and it gave me the tools I needed to make health and fitness SIMPLE because I didn’t have time for anything more complicated and the real bonus was… I could do this all from the comfort of my home! Instead of resenting my situation and making excuses, my husband and... read more

What the scale won’t tell you

What the scale won’t tell you… So you have decided to take your health into your own hands and have jumped on the fitness train. Congratulations! You have joined a gym… taken up jogging… grabbed an at home workout program and you are going to focus on your nutrition and finally get the results you’ve been looking for. AWESOME! Now what? We want you to put the scale away. Why? The scale will only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull to the earth. That’s it. That’s all. It will not tell you how beautiful you are… how much your friends and family love you… how amazing you are… how brave you are for taking it upon yourself to be better everyday… how encouraging and inspiring you are to others…  how proud you feel after a workout completed… and how truly awesome you really are!!! Think of this… Scale weight will fluctuate wildly!!! 2-5 pounds DAILY! It’s all depending on time of day… water weight… what you have eaten… so many variables! Scale weight says NOTHING about your ability to RAWK your workout! How every time you press play, or go for a run, or the gym you get better every single day! The scale blinds you to real results you’re getting from your new lifestyle… which are: 🔥You’re sleeping better. You have more energy. You’re less moody or depressed. 🔥 Your cravings have dissipated… you recover faster from exercise… your symptoms or medical condition have greatly improved. 🔥 Your relationship to others has improved. Your relationship with yourself has improved. 
And yet, you’re a “failure,” because... read more

Brussel Sprout Turkey Burgers

Brussels Sprout Turkey Burgers Oh no he didn’t! Well, yes he did!! Ryan JUST outdid his own infamous turkey burger by surprising me with this new creation for lunch today! Brussels Sprout Turkey Burgers… I kid you not! And they are amazeballs! #dontfearthesprout Love that he proves time and time again that clean eating does not have to be boring or bland! Ryan’s Turkey Burger can be found by clicking HERE! And to complete this creation…he just fried the brussels sprouts briefly in olive oil and wah-la! Healthy and tasty lunch that will make your tummy happy and your heart swoon <3  Oh! And “…add a little oregano to the turkey Burger recipe and it will give it a little POP”, says Ryan 😉 Buns are “garden medley slim buns” and I mean the ones on my plate 🙂 bahaha!! #sorrynotsorry... read more

Chocolate Shakeology Bites Blizzard

Chocolate Shakeology Bites Blizzard Let’s get real for a minute… how creative do you get when the chocolate runs out?! Team work makes the dream work am I right?! So, let me help you… and check this hot tip I discovered recently ⬇️ SO, I ran out of choc chips (I know, right!?) for my yogurt, so… girl got creative… I found Ryan’s Chocolate Shakeology bites (recipe below) in the fridge… BINGO! Crushed them up, added to my yogurt, stirred it UP and wah-la… CHOCOLATE SHAKEOLOGY BITES BLIZZARD!! I’m telling you… it’s taking things to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! lol! I dare say that they are BETTER than my chocolate chips and they are healthier!! WIN-WIN! Craving gone and healthy energy boost… and you, my friend, are welcome… haha!! Ryan’s Shakeology Bites One cup natural peanut butter or almond butter One cup quick cooking oats Half a cup raw natural honey One cup chocolate SHAKEOLOGY! Combine all the ingredients in one bowl and mix well. Roll 24 balls… Each the size of 1 tablespoon. Flatten each slightly so it takes the shape of a cookie. A daily dose of dense nutrition that is 100% natural and guilt free 😉 Total win-win!     PS Not drinking Shakeology? Send me a message and let’s get you a sample, so that it can knock your socks off and you can get in on the... read more

Ready to commit to being Summer Strong?

Ready to commit to being Summer Strong? You’re probably surprised to know that Ryan & I don’t strike this kind of pose randomly lol! 😁 But we wanted to express how freaking good we felt after our workout 😆 & it got us thinking about something that’s really resonated with us these days as the countdown to summer continues… Who feels like the summer months are extremely difficult when it comes to nutrition & fitness? BBQs, vacations, camping, family events (w/ delicious food), kids parties, concerts, festivals… We do!! It’s hard to keep up the momentum & energy that we built up over the winter 🙂 So how about this? A Summer Strong commitment … which means you don’t throw away your goals over the summer months… it means that we start now and stay strong! What are we thinking? A 3-week group where you’ll have daily accountability in a private FB group, we’ll share recipes, you’ll have kickass at-home workouts (we’ll help you choose something that’ll suit you best), 30 superfood smoothies, and a 30-day trial of 1000 other workout programs including pilates/yoga, cardio kickboxing, HIIT workouts, weight lifting, us as your free coaches helping you reach your goals and so much more. 😉 Are you in? Message/Contact us HERE and we’ll send you the deets! We start Monday, May 30, 2016 👊🏻 Space is limited to the first 10 who commit 👌🏻     *Please no coaches or those currently working with... read more

Success Story Sunday: Sylvia & Alan

Success Story Sunday: Sylvia & Alan WE DID IT!!!! That was the first thing my mom said to me when I answered her call this last week after she and my dad had finally hit their goal weights after over 2 years of a dedicated focus on exercise and nutrition! Here’s the re-cap as written by my mom: I have been on a journey since December 7th, 2013. It has been a long journey, with many ups and downs but I have reached my goal and I am so happy! As one gets into those golden years the idea of doing exercise and changing your eating habits comes with the big question WHY! Old habits are hard to change. BUT with a lot of determination and the support of Game Changers (our daughter and son-in-law’s motivational exercise and eating group), we and I say we, as my husband, Alan, followed along with me, and we accomplished our goals. Alan lost about 37 pounds and I lost the same, 37 POUNDS over a period of 28 months. We achieved these goals through exercise, better eating habits and drinking Shakeology. For exercise we wore out our treadmill and then replaced it with an elliptical. Along with this, I have been doing an exercise program called Cize and Alan has been doing P90. After years of being couch potatoes through the winter and riding golf carts in the summer we changed some bad habits and have added some healthier years to our lives. Isn’t that an inspiring Success Story!? So what are you waiting for? Proof positive right here that your goals are... read more

Transformation Tuesday: Lauren

Transformation Tuesday: Lauren “These programs work!” That was the resounding response from the members of our last online accountability aroup… a private Facebook group where we stay motivated together, inspired daily and stay accountable to each others goals. We have been running these groups for a couple of years now and are always blown away. Why? THEY WORK!!! Accountability is the missing ingredient for a lot of people. If you’re not accountable to someone to help you reach your goals… to push play on your workout program… stay on track with your nutrition… 9 out of 10 times you will fail. But having someone there to lift you up and push you through times of struggle? That right there? GOLD! These are the words of one of our latest Challenge Group members (and newest Beachbody Coaches!) Lauren Hyatt: “I LOVE BEACHBODY AND BEACHBODY WORKS. I truly discovered that by honing in on nutrition and focusing on your workouts and progress everyday- it forces you to keep looking forward and pushing forward. I have had so many issues with eating in my life but this has by far been the most successful plan. I work well in a team accountability environment. Hey and who knew???? the more work I did the better it got, the more rewarding it got and I started to have fun. Shakeology has completely kicked my cravings – LOVE IT!! I literally NEVER thought this could happen. I had lost all hope. TRULY. My clothes fit better, I feel great! I am super critical of myself though and still have a long way to go BUT... read more

How to repurpose your leftovers

HOW TO REPURPOSE YOUR LEFTOVERS It’s SUNDAY (at the original time of this post ;))!!!… a day which many people use for meal prepping and planning! So, it got us thinking… how many times we’ ve looked at a recipe only to be deterred from trying it because we don’t know we’re going to do with all the leftover ingredients! How many times this is happened to you? Well, we just so happened to find this quick and accessible list of SIMPLE ways to repurpose your leftovers in our new 22 Minute Hard Corps program food plan… and because this is definitely another key strategy and sticking to your plan and reaching your goals… Here it is for YOU: LEFTOVER MEATS Chicken, pork, beef, or fish can become tacos or wraps. Use lettuce or a large, very thin slice of jicama for the tortilla or wrapper. LEFTOVER VEGETABLES AND COOKED PASTA Pair with eggs to become frittatas. You can make individual frittatas by combining 6 eggs with ½ cup water. Add leftover veggies, cooked protein (like chopped turkey bacon), or cooked pasta. Fill sprayed muffin cups ¾ full. Bake at 375° F for 15 to 18 minutes. Refrigerate or freeze frittatas individually. LEFTOVER HARD BOILED EGGS Can be mixed with reduced fat Greek yogurt and curry powder to make curried egg salad. VEGETABLES AND COOKED BROWN RICE Combine cooked veggies and cooked brown rice plus protein to make “bowls.” MAKE A HEALTHIER HOMEMADE VEGGIE PATTY This can also use up leftover brown rice. Place 1 part cooked brown rice and 3 parts veggies (like chopped mushrooms, beans, chickpeas, or... read more

Countdown to get Summer Strong

☀ Countdown to get Summer Strong 💪 Did you know? 

The first day of SUMMER is only 61 days away… as of TODAY!

 It hit us this morning and we realized that as summer gets closer by the day… we’ve got some goals to reach STAT! How about you? Not sure if it’s for you or not, but we’re hosting a Summer Strong fitness/nutrition challenge group stating on May 2… we want it to be massively awesome and we’d LOVE for you YOU to join us…thing is we only have 10 spots available! We jumped on Facebook LIVE video streaming via our Game Changers Facebook page today to talk more about it…

CHECK IT OUT below or click… HERE!

 Are you in? Message us ASAP and we’ll send you all the deets! Deadline to commit is Sunday, April 24, 2016.... read more

Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2016: Team Affinity Hot Tip List

Hey Team Affinity! We CANNOT wait to see you at Summit! This will be our 3rd year for Team Affinity and this event has been such a learning experience!!  It’s MIND-BLOWING to hear from (and meet!) top Coaches, celebrity trainers, and our CEO, Carl Daikeler! Trust me… the friendships/bonds you make will last FOREVAHHHHH! Ok, let’s talk specifics! What do you need to know? 1. Make sure you are familiar with the Summit Website ( Cozy up with the FAQs AND most importantly, download the APP so you can stay plugged in! 2. Take a peek at the Agenda! This is the general agenda. Your specific “Track” will determine which speakers you see! (All of that info is available in the app) Make it your mission to get to the General Sessions! – Opening General Session: Thursday, July 28 @ 7pm – Friday & Saturday (9:30am BLUE track) (2pm SILVER track) – CLOSING Celebration: Saturday, July 30th @ 7:30pm The LP Field will be buzzing with ELECTRICITY from start to finish. The General Sessions will feature exciting product announcements, emotional recognition (including the $100,000 Grand Prize winners!), and our thrilling keynote speaker…GARY VAYNERCHUK!! This is NOT something you want to miss guys!! This is where the EXCITING stuff happens!!! Do your BEST to sit together & make the MOST of this experience! 3. SIDE NOTE: SPECIAL TEAM EVENT WEDNESDAY, July 27th, 2016 will be our OFFICIAL TEAM DINNER!! It’s quickly become a tradition that we have a special dinner the night before Summit! More details to come, but don’t miss out on this opportunity for FUN, FOOD, & FULL... read more

Working out is hard!

Working out is hard! Right? However, how hard is it really – in the grand scheme of things? We think you’d agree that there are a lot of things in life that are harder. Much harder. We’ve recently jumped on with doing LIVE video streaming via our Game Changers Facebook page… SO right after one of our workouts last week we went LIVE and Ryan shared this amazing realization about working out and what is really hard in life. Take a watch below or watch on our Facebook page by clicking right ->> HERE! What do you think? Still believe it’s too hard? Remember you have to choose your hard. It’s a choice. If you’re reading this and you need help in getting started…we’re just a message away… click HERE and let’s get real about your life and your goals!      ... read more

Who loves to cook? {2 new recipes}

Who loves to cook? I DO! Who is always looking for something new and fresh to serve the family? I AM! Who loves pasta? I DO!!! LOL! In fact… I use to love it too much! Made it almost everyday a couple of years ago… now we have it occasionally and in moderation with proper portion sizes. And we use whole wheat pasta now… more fiber! Who doesn’t need more fiber?? 😉 Below is a pretty bad ass pasta dish I whipped up that I would like to share with all of you, Game Changers! Plus… a bonus DESSERT! This dessert is clean and gorgeous and DELICIOUS! Whip it up for the family and they will be giving you praise all night long!!! Enjoy! Turkey Pasta Ragu 2016-04-03 15:33:10 Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 1 package ground turkey 1/2 a large onion diced 1 large carrot shredded As much garlic as you like! ;) 1 can sodium free diced tomatoes ½ cup white wine 1tsp oregano Instructions Sauté the onion and carrot and garlic... Approx 5 minutes Add the turkey and mix until cooked Add the diced tomatoes, wine and oregano Simmer till that there pasta is done to your liking! Eat it all up!!!! YUM!!! Game Changers YYC Mother Nature’s Apple Crisp 2016-04-03 15:40:04 Write a review Save Recipe Print Apple filling 6 to 7 heaping cups peeled and chopped baking apples (Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, or Gala apples for best results) ~ approximately 6 to 7 apples ~ 1 Tablespoon arrowroot or cornstarch powder 1/3 cup Sucanat or other granulated sugar 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds... read more