Brussel Sprout Turkey Burgers

Brussel Sprout Turkey Burgers

Brussels Sprout Turkey Burgers

Oh no he didn’t!

Well, yes he did!! Ryan JUST outdid his own infamous turkey burger by surprising me with this new creation for lunch today!

Brussels Sprout Turkey Burgers… I kid you not! And they are amazeballs! #dontfearthesprout


Love that he proves time and time again that clean eating does not have to be boring or bland!

Ryan’s Turkey Burger can be found by clicking HERE!

And to complete this creation…he just fried the brussels sprouts briefly in olive oil and wah-la! Healthy and tasty lunch that will make your tummy happy and your heart swoon <3 

Oh! And “…add a little oregano to the turkey Burger recipe and it will give it a little POP”, says Ryan 😉

Buns are “garden medley slim buns” and I mean the ones on my plate 🙂 bahaha!! #sorrynotsorry


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