Chocolate Shakeology Bites Blizzard

Chocolate Shakeology Bites Blizzard

Chocolate Shakeology Bites Blizzard

Let’s get real for a minute… how creative do you get when the chocolate runs out?!

Team work makes the dream work am I right?! So, let me help you… and check this hot tip I discovered recently ⬇️

SO, I ran out of choc chips (I know, right!?) for my yogurt, so… girl got creative… I found Ryan’s Chocolate Shakeology bites (recipe below) in the fridge… BINGO! Crushed them up, added to my yogurt, stirred it UP and wah-la… CHOCOLATE SHAKEOLOGY BITES BLIZZARD!!

Chocolate Shakeology Bites Blizzard

I’m telling you… it’s taking things to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! lol! I dare say that they are BETTER than my chocolate chips and they are healthier!! WIN-WIN!

Craving gone and healthy energy boost… and you, my friend, are welcome… haha!!

Ryan’s Shakeology Bites

  • One cup natural peanut butter or almond butter
  • One cup quick cooking oats
  • Half a cup raw natural honey
  • One cup chocolate SHAKEOLOGY!

Combine all the ingredients in one bowl and mix well.

Roll 24 balls… Each the size of 1 tablespoon.

Flatten each slightly so it takes the shape of a cookie.


A daily dose of dense nutrition that is 100% natural and guilt free 😉

Total win-win!




PS Not drinking Shakeology? Send me a message and let’s get you a sample, so that it can knock your socks off and you can get in on the action ;)

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