Does Shakeology work?

Does Shakeology work?

Does Shakeology work?

I wanted to share with you a story about someone very near and dear to our hearts that has seen the results of Shakeology firsthand. Ryan and I have been believers since our first week drinking Shakeology back in late 2012, however even though we started to see some pretty amazing results and transformations, not everyone close to us felt the same way about a meal-replacement… even if it is 100% natural and clinically proven to help with weight loss 😉

It took a while for my mom, Sylvia, to get on board, in fact she watched us drink Shakeology over the span of a whole year before she decided to try it herself, but as you’ll read below as she began to face health issues and received stern warnings from her doctors around her overall health… and that’s when her opinions began to change. It became clear to her that she had to do something and something fast! Her quality-of-life was starting to suffer and it was time for an immediate change.

I have to say that over a year after my mom taking her health into her own hands and changing the trajectory of her life… she now LOVES her treadmill workouts and her daily Shakeology! She’s literally seen the light when it comes to not only her fitness, but why it is that Shakeology is clinically proven to not only help you lose weight, but to lower your cholesterol!


“My story started in November, 2013. I was visiting my doctor for an annual checkup and a standard practice at this clinic is to take each patient’s blood pressure on every visit. Mine was close to 195/95. Now we have to take into account that my “white coat” syndrome pushes my blood pressure up whenever I visit the doctor, but this was way above an acceptable level. So, the doctor suggested I go on blood pressure medication. I was absolutely not willing to do this as I had reacted to this type of medication in the past, but more than that, I didn’t want to live the rest of my life on medication that would be a band-aid solution to something that I actually could control – my health. Enough was enough.

This scare led me to ask if I could check into a product called Shakeology that my daughter, a Beachbody coach, had used with great results and I start to do some exercise. I was given one month by my doctor to see what I could do on my own and was heavily warned that I would have to go on medication if my plan was not working.

On December 7th, 2013, I started on Shakeology and walking on my treadmill once a day. I was not expecting any great results as this was the Christmas Season, but I needed to feel that I had given it my all. Each day I got on my treadmill for thirty minutes and drank Shakeology for breakfast. In early January I returned to the doctor to discover that I had lost seven pounds and I was moving towards an acceptable blood pressure reading on a daily basis. I was not given any medication and told not to change anything that I was doing. I was THRILLED with these early results and the affirmation from my doctor that I was on the right track!

I have continued with the Shakeology, continued with clean eating, and I also continue with my daily workout on the treadmill. My blood pressure readings are in the normal range on a daily basis and I have lost over 30 lbs!!! 

At my physical my doctor said “you could not find better results in a textbook.

I just can’t say enough about what Shakeology has done for me. I have more energy, I am not worrying about my blood pressure, and I feel fantastic.”


We couldn’t be more proud of Sylvia! Not only does enjoys her Shakeology on autoship (so it comes to her doorstep each month!), but she’s become a coach herself so that she can benefit from the wholesale discount that Coaches receive, and so that she can inspire others to follow in her amazing footsteps. 

The transformation that she’s made over the last little while is not only a reflection of her own dedication and commitment to her health, but a reflection of the power of accountability, support, and products that not only work, but that are incredibly healthy and natural.

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