Ready to commit to being Summer Strong?

Ready to commit to being Summer Strong?

Ready to commit to being Summer Strong?

You’re probably surprised to know that Ryan & I don’t strike this kind of pose randomly lol! 😁 But we wanted to express how freaking good we felt after our workout 😆 & it got us thinking about something that’s really resonated with us these days as the countdown to summer continues…

Who feels like the summer months are extremely difficult when it comes to nutrition & fitness? BBQs, vacations, camping, family events (w/ delicious food), kids parties, concerts, festivals…

We do!!

It’s hard to keep up the momentum & energy that we built up over the winter 🙂

So how about this?

A Summer Strong commitment … which means you don’t throw away your goals over the summer months… it means that we start now and stay strong!

What are we thinking?

A 3-week group where you’ll have daily accountability in a private FB group, we’ll share recipes, you’ll have kickass at-home workouts (we’ll help you choose something that’ll suit you best), 30 superfood smoothies, and a 30-day trial of 1000 other workout programs including pilates/yoga, cardio kickboxing, HIIT workouts, weight lifting, us as your free coaches helping you reach your goals and so much more. 😉

Are you in? Message/Contact us HERE and we’ll send you the deets!

We start Monday, May 30, 2016 👊🏻 Space is limited to the first 10 who commit 👌🏻





*Please no coaches or those currently working with one

Summer Strong

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