What the scale won’t tell you

What the scale won’t tell you

What the scale won’t tell you…

So you have decided to take your health into your own hands and have jumped on the fitness train. Congratulations! You have joined a gym… taken up jogging… grabbed an at home workout program and you are going to focus on your nutrition and finally get the results you’ve been looking for.

AWESOME! Now what?

We want you to put the scale away.


The scale will only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull to the earth.

That’s it. That’s all.

It will not tell you how beautiful you are… how much your friends and family love you… how amazing you are… how brave you are for taking it upon yourself to be better everyday… how encouraging and inspiring you are to others…  how proud you feel after a workout completed… and how truly awesome you really are!!!

Think of this…

Scale weight will fluctuate wildly!!! 2-5 pounds DAILY! It’s all depending on time of day… water weight… what you have eaten… so many variables!

Scale weight says NOTHING about your ability to RAWK your workout! How every time you press play, or go for a run, or the gym you get better every single day!

The scale blinds you to real results you’re getting from your new lifestyle… which are:

🔥You’re sleeping better. You have more energy. You’re less moody or depressed.

🔥 Your cravings have dissipated… you recover faster from exercise… your symptoms or medical condition have greatly improved.

🔥 Your relationship to others has improved. Your relationship with yourself has improved.

And yet, you’re a “failure,” because the number on the scale hasn’t moved enough for your liking.

What the scale won't tell you

Let’s get real! The scale will have you fixated on FOOD!!! Which is never a good thing.

The scale maintains control of your self esteem – it’s psychologically unhealthy to allow a number – any number – to determine your worth, your value or your self-image.

So we say… STOP! Focus on the NON-Scale victories and celebrate those every single day!





Be proud of the fact that you are showing up every single day to better yourself.

Enjoy the journey, Game Changers.

This is a lifestyle. Not a quick fix.

And if you need support and encouragement… we are only a message away! We would be honored to support you on your journey! Our Coaching is always free.




Non Scale Victories

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