Shift Shop

Shift Shop

Are you ready to make THE SHIFT?

It doesn’t matter where you came from… or where you’ve been. You can always reinvent yourself and when you have someone like Chris Downing training you–someone who truly cares about you and your goals–the sky’s the limit.

Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer is going to take you from where you are now… to where you want to be. Beachbody’s Newest Supertrainer Chris Downing is a NASM-certified personal trainer with one goal in sight: to help you accelerate the change you’ve always wanted.

As creator of the Shift Shop fitness program, Chris’ engaging, motivation-based approach helps you grow stronger both physically and mentally. It’s about so much more than helping you just get fit and lose weight. It’s about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reinvent yourself. Chris encourages you to envision what you want to look like and accomplish THAT. He takes the most results-driving training methods-effective for everyone from pro and amateur athletes to the everyday gym-goer-and tailors them to help you achieve a significant total-body transformation. This includes shorter workouts with exercise intervals that help you burn calories fast, and lose fat, while still increasing your strength. Whether it’s agility training, premium weight-loss moves, or the ultimate abs workout-prepare to burn fat and reshape your physique at lightning speed-all while being powered by Chris’ personal philosophy: Love. Empower. Inspire.

What Workouts Come with Shift Shop?

All the workouts that come with Shift Shop use a concept known as “Active Agility Training”.

Using this method, Chris will help you get some insane results! Each week consists of 2 different workouts: Speed & Strength on alternating days.

On Speed days you will incorporate the Shift Shop Agility Markers to help you improve your reflexes, coordination, speed, and endurance!

On Strength days you will need a light to medium set of dumbells to achieve that shredded body you desire! And you know you gotta work those abs! Chris’s Core Focused Ab Shredding routines will give you just that! Add those into the mix and you have a recipe for CRAZZZY COOL RESULTS! Check it out!

How Long Are Shift Shop Workouts?

The length of the workouts in Shift Shop were designed to allow anyone to get started easily, and then end the workout program in the best shape of your life. The workouts start at 25 minutes for the first week… in the second week they SHIFT to 35 minutes and by the final week, your workouts SHIFT again to 45 minutes in length.

Ramp Up

What’s the Shift Shop Meal Plan?

Beachbody decided to take a different approach with the Shift Shop meal program, allowing people to ease into a more healthy lifestyle! During the first week, you will calculate your macro intake to get maximum results while enjoying the bonus of ALL YOU CAN EAT VEGGIES!

As the weeks go by, you will slowly decrees your carb intake so by the final week you get that maximum shredded effect you are looking for. The meals are incredible… variety is endless…and the results are even better! BONUS! Shift Shop not only comes with a full meal plan… but grocery lists as well! Talk about AWESOME!!!!


Who’s the Shift Shop for?

Shift Shop is for anyone that wants to ramp up their fitness fast. In three short weeks you progress from basic 25 minute workouts to advanced 45 minute routines – all while honing your nutrition for optimal results. It’s great for all fitness levels. If you have a lot of weight to lose, Shift Shop will be your on-ramp to fitness. If you’ve spent some time away from your regular routine, Chris will lead through a fitness tune-up. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an easy commitment to jump-start their regimen.

Your only limit is you

Real Life Experience & Results

As Coaches, we were invited to participate in an exclusive Shift Shop Test group to try out 2 rounds of the program before it’s July 12, 2017 launch date. Here are some highlights of the workouts & our results:

… and after all that:

Ryan after Round 1:

Weight- 181lbs before / 169lbs after
Waist- 33 before / 30 after
The pictures tell the tale! Freaking AH MAZE ING!!! 💪🏻💪🏻🔥🔥💥💥

The Nutrition:
Delicious. Easy. Tasty. Simple. Clean. And above all else… EYE OPENING!! I committed fully… 100% to the nutrition and never felt I was missing out or going without… in fact… I went grain free for the whole 21 days and BOOM! I feel incredible!!! Plus… my bathroom breaks are short and ON POINT! (Sorry if that is TMI)

The Mental:
Focus increased tenfold…confidence off the charts… belief in myself is astonishing… energy levels are extremely high… mental clarity and determination that anything you set your mind to is completely and utterly possible… all you need to see is a glimpse of your potential and the door is yours to open.
These ones are the real results. The ones that matter. The ones that will have you on a path of self discovery and belief. 🙏

This program is a life changer. 💥💥
I cannot stress it enough…
IF you have been waiting on the sidelines…
IF you have taken yourself out of the picture… IF you need to take back your life… this will do it!!!

Empower. Love. Inspire. ❤️

Carolyn midway Round 2:


30 days.

…& some definition this body has NEVER seen in its 45 years… I can’t help but want to cheat a little to the front in this pic & I made a flexed everything a little more than usual 😆

OMG my mental game has transformed even more… it had to! I would have stop or shrinked away before this… I’ve come so far, but hells ya last week my old self (aka inner sh@t talker, mean girl, etc) was stalking me, but I LEANED IN… ya I did… right into her damn face & said BRING IT ON, sister!!

…I pushed further when I could’ve just bowed down & agreed that this wasn’t for me… that it was for someone else… that I wasn’t worthy or that I’d be too much for some people because I wasn’t enough for myself. #word

DANG! Who have I become? So many shifts, discoveries, etc. about myself, where I can push harder and what it takes to really focus in on something that you want.

I’ve never taken my body this far before. I’ve never left my comfort zone for so long or pushed so hard. So, it’s uber vulnerable for me… & not just because I’m in my bathing suit… but because I am exposing my truth to you.

I sat with this for a day & it’s in me to share with you so you know too… you don’t have to be afraid.


Our bodies are amazing & so are our minds. We can have both & we can have it all. Whatever you want… go get it… LEAN IN & be RELENTLESS!

We can lean in further than we have ever before. We can learn from what we see on the other side. We stay the course & bust out a jam that we never thought possible.

Shift Shop & YOU!

If you want to be the first to know about the Shift Shop Workout Program and it’s release plus be in our very first Shift Shop LAUNCH virtual fitness accountability group then make sure to fill out the application below and we will add you to the list.  When the program is available you will be the first to get it!


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Let’s get better… & make the SHIFT!


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