Ravonna Dow

I have to give MAD PROPS to Ravonna Dow.

She has been with us since DAY 1 of our Beachbody journey and has believed in the process and has seen some crazzzy cool results.

But what I have seen happen to her over the past couple of years that is AMAZING is her personal growth. She carries herself with more confidence… she has swagger… she commits 100% and she cares deeply about the others in her Challenge Group.

She shines bright like a diamond everyday and makes the world a better place!

This woman is the real deal! She is thrilled with her results from PiYo and I am over-the-moon that she is in my life. She brightens the day EVERYDAY! … and she shares some pretty darn tasty recipes!!!

Here’s to you Ravonna! The next years are the BEST years!

In her words:

POWER to the PiYo PEOPLE!!

Okay, team – time for some numbers!!

EIGHT weeks of PiYo

ONE MILLION (or so) pushups

TWO MILLION gallons of sweat

ELEVEN pounds gone

TEN inches off

TWO thumbs UP

ONE happy, happy Miss Guapa!!!


Stefanie Jordan

“For the past 10 weeks I’ve been doing a workout from Beachbody called ‘Focus T25‘ as well as drinking a product called Shakeology.

I was really in an unhealthy place and kind of fed up with myself. With the help of my Coach Carolyn and her accountability groups, I’ve lost 15lbs and 18 inches. I’ve also decided to become a Coach myself to help keep myself accountable and to just keep learning.

Start the next part of the program on Monday and I can’t wait!”



After several years of continually ‘letting myself go’ from the naturally slim high school body I once had, a friend of mine introduced me to Ryan and Carolyn and what they did as Game Changers. That was the sign I had been unknowingly waiting for to make a change so I joined their January 2013 challenge group, started drinking Shakeology daily and completed the INSANITY program with amazing results.

Since then, I have completed many other Beachbody programs and have, to date, lost approximately 30 pounds and 30 inches overall!

I can honestly and whole-heartedly say my success is largely thanks to Game Changers and their support throughout the challenge group.

I did the work, and I made the change, but Ryan and Carolyn showed me that first step. They provided me with every tool I could possibly have needed to become a fitter, healthier and happier version of myself and I love them dearly for it!



Fitness and Nutrition have always been an important part of my life, however I was finding myself at a standstill and needed to change things up. I contacted Ryan and he suggested I try the 21 Day Fitness Program, so I signed up and went for it! I am so glad I did, it taught me about portion control and I loved the fact that the workouts are only 30 minutes a day, so even with a hectic schedule I could find the time to complete the workouts daily!!

After 21 days, I lost 8 pounds, 8 inches in total! Im stronger, more toned, my clothes fit better and I feel great!!

A big thanks to Ryan and Carolyn’s daily encouragement!

They are a great team with a positive attitude and great energy!!




When I joined Game Changer’s Challenge Group in August 2013, I was searching for a way to get back into shape, lose weight, and to not feel tired all the time. Being busy with having a family and a career I didn’t have a lot of time or motivation to get healthy. So I found it easy with doing T25, Shakeology, and having the support and motivation not only from Ryan and Carolyn but from a group of people, most of which I hadn’t know before made all the difference. The Challenge Group helped me get my results which surpassed what my original goal even was!!

I lost 17 lbs and over 15 inches. My energy is back and it is the best I have felt in years!

Ryan and Carolyn are knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating, supportive, and are there for you to make sure you get the most out of your journey with them.




I joined Game Changers with my wife, Heather, and it’s been AMAZING! I’m still a work-in-progress, but thanks to both Ryan and Carolyn Luhning, I’m seeing big changes in how I look and feel. In fact, I’m probably in the best shape of my life! It’s been FANTASTIC having Ryan and Carolyn there with me on my journey. They are both very knowledgeable with all BeachBody programs, INCREDIBLY supportive, and I can’t recommend them enough!

I’m well on my way to achieving my fitness goals, and I couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks Ryan and Carolyn!




Have just completed my third challenge group with Ryan and Carolyn, and am so pleased with the results I am seeing. The hardest part was thinking I couldn’t do it, that I was too old, or too out of shape, but every day with the support of the group and the coaches, I pushed play, and got through.

And the amazing thing was then I got stronger, and stronger, and I could push harder, and my group was there to cheer me on. So awesome!

I recommend Carolyn and Ryan. They made sure I was working with the Beachbody program right for me, and they were there for every step of the way. More results still to come, but I am so pleased with how I am starting to get the body I really want.




In the fall of 2013 I had made a decision that I would lose some weight but it was not until I went for a physical and my blood pressure was 185/86 that I decided I needed to take control of my life. I wanted to see those grandchildren of mine become adults. As I had heard from Carolyn about all the good things that Shakeology could do, I made a request that I be allowed a month to see what Shakeology might do for me. Not firmly convinced the Doctor agreed and on January 7th I returned to the Doctor’s office with a weight reduction of 7 pounds and a blood pressure reading of 164/85. Although my blood pressure was still high the Doctor agreed that I could stick with my own plan but I should return in a couple of months to see if I was still making progress.

I can now say that taking charge of one’s health by eating healthy and having a regular exercise program are very important. When I returned to the Doctors in early March my blood pressure was running in the 120’s over 70’s and my weight was down twenty pounds.

Although I am the one drinking Shakeology and doing the exercises, I credit my success to Shakeology, Ryan and Carolyn Day and my granddaughter Jenna (also a Coach). The challenge groups they put together are awesome. The support, encourage and menu suggestions put forth from other members of these groups have kept me on track.

At this time I am now down 23 pounds and I have lost 14.5 inches in total off my bust, waist and hips. I have gone from wearing an extra-large/1X top to a large and my pant size has gone from a size 12 to a size 8.

All of this positivity has helped me to make a major change in my life. Should have done this years ago. Thanks, Ryan, Carolyn and Jenna!




After spending my 20’s making all sorts of poor choices, I was suddenly 30, unhappy and extremely unhealthy. I’d watched Ryan and Carolyn of Game Changers make some truly remarkable changes for themselves. I knew just who to ask for help! I was offered a spot in a 30 day Challenge group. From there I learned what clean eating meant, I was supported in finding an in home fitness program suitable for my needs and was encouraged and held accountable
every step of the way.

3 challenge groups and 6 months later I’d built new sustainable habits for life, lost 40 pounds and viewed my life with value. I’d done a complete 180 and am now and will always be a happy, healthy, positive individual.

Game changers helped me through my worst and continue to support me through my best. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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