Success Story Sunday: Ginette

Success Story Sunday: Ginette

Success Story Sunday: Ginette

Fitness is a journey. It is a lifestyle. One worth taking.

So many people people want to be in shape, but come up with thousands of reasons of why not to workout or eat healthier.

You want to be in shape? It’s going to take a decision to push past the fear and SWEAT!! Earn it! Be it!! You’ll be able to look in the mirror and tell yourself ” ‘I’ worked for it!! ‘I’ created this!! Not a magic pill, wrap, surgery etc.

Our friend Ginette is a prime example of NO EXCUSES!

I started working with Ryan and Carolyn and Beachbody about 2.5 years ago. I wasn’t overly serious about it at first, until I realized I had let my weight become a problem and it was effecting my health, work and self-esteem.

I had always been a fit person prior to this and I let lazy habits get the best of me. When I realized this, I reached out to the team and the group support. I constantly read the successes and failures of people who where going through the same thing as me.

It kicked my butt in gear. If they can do it. So can I. No excuses!

The constant motivation from team members and Ryan & Carolyn has pushed me past limits I didn’t know I could reach. I didn’t like Shakeology at first, until I read all the amazing recipes my team members had come up with!! Talk about my favorite meal of the day now!

I’ve lost 35 lbs in a year from the work outs, shakes, eating healthy, and can say I am truly happy in my own skin again. It’s not just about the workouts or the shakes. I was taught how to love myself and treat my body like the temple that it is. This is a journey and I am willing to enjoy every moment!

The motivation and support are beyond what I can dictate in a few short sentences. But it is vitally important. Ryan and Carolyn and the rest of the team had my back and believed in me. Every step of the way.


Pretty incredible! Thank you, Ginette!

And you reading this? You know what? You are worth it too.

Change is possible. And you do not have to do it alone.

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