Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2016: Team Affinity Hot Tip List


Hey Team Affinity!

We CANNOT wait to see you at Summit!

This will be our 3rd year for Team Affinity and this event has been such a learning experience!!  It’s MIND-BLOWING to hear from (and meet!) top Coaches, celebrity trainers, and our CEO, Carl Daikeler!

Trust me… the friendships/bonds you make will last FOREVAHHHHH!


Ok, let’s talk specifics! What do you need to know?

1. Make sure you are familiar with the Summit Website ( Cozy up with the FAQs AND most importantly, download the APP so you can stay plugged in!


2. Take a peek at the Agenda! This is the general agenda. Your specific “Track” will determine which speakers you see! (All of that info is available in the app)

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 3.57.19 PMMake it your mission to get to the General Sessions!
– Opening General Session: Thursday, July 28 @ 7pm
– Friday & Saturday (9:30am BLUE track) (2pm SILVER track)
– CLOSING Celebration: Saturday, July 30th @ 7:30pm

The LP Field will be buzzing with ELECTRICITY from start to finish. The General Sessions will feature exciting product announcements, emotional recognition (including the $100,000 Grand Prize winners!), and our thrilling keynote speaker…GARY VAYNERCHUK!!

This is NOT something you want to miss guys!! This is where the EXCITING stuff happens!!! Do your BEST to sit together & make the MOST of this experience!


WEDNESDAY, July 27th, 2016 will be our OFFICIAL TEAM DINNER!! It’s quickly become a tradition that we have a special dinner the night before Summit! More details to come, but don’t miss out on this opportunity for FUN, FOOD, & FULL ON TEAM BONDING!! Ryan & Carolyn’s treat!


4. Train with the best
One of the biggest perks of Summit? The information-packed workshops. You can expect an amazing agenda that includes training on social media, growing more Diamonds, inviting, starting conversations, handling objections, and more.

THIS is why you are here. DO NOT worry about going to the seminars your friends are going to…. trust me… focus on YOU, YOUR business & your goals!! {Plus… then you share notes & exchange takeaways!}

I know it is tempting to stay with the pack (because they’re awesome), but you will get the MOST out of this experience if you truly set out to move YOUR business forward.. and part of that is branching off when needed.


5. Target the CORE
The interactive megastore extraordinaire is one of Summit’s can’t-miss experiences. Be the first to check out new products, shop the hottest, new branded apparel— and if you’re lucky, get your photo taken with one of your favorite celebrity trainers. Check the App for when it opens and times!  (A great opportunity to get yourself some new gear AND think about prizes for your team or challengers!) Note: Sizes WILL sell out. So… if you want to pick up some gear for YOURSELF or for your team/challengers – make this a priority early on! Don’t forget to SAVE your RECEIPTS for a tax write-off ;)!


6. Get PUMPED for Country Heat!
Brand new workout means LOTS of excitement & a surge in your business! Autumn fans back at home will want the scoop!

7. Take advantage of the celebrity workouts
Working out with Autumn or Tony Horton in the privacy of your own living room is pretty cool. But sweating it up with them LIVE at the Celebrity workouts is downright awesome! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to do your favorite Beachbody program with fellow Coaches, and, of course, your favorite Beachbody trainer. Can you say unforgettable?

Forward Thinking: visualize FUTURE posts! It is a BIG deal when others see you working out WITH these celebrity trainers! Take advantage of these photo opps with each other & with the trainers! FEED THAT HYPE!


8. Don’t miss the Celebration Show on Saturday night!
Nothing will give you a greater sense of pride as a Beachbody Coach than attending Saturday night’s much-anticipated award ceremony. You’ll not only hear the epic announcement of the (two) 2016 Beachbody Challenge $100,000 Grand Prize Winners, but you’ll be reminded of the unique power you have to change peoples’ lives! Don’t miss your chance to soak up all the magic!


9. Sweat it out at the Super Workout
What’s the best way to get in the spirit of Summit? Join the masses and take part in the Super Workout. On the excitement meter of one to ten, this one-of-a-kind event is basically an eleven. You’ll get the blood pumping with thousands of other Coaches and feel a collective energy that’s second to none. We’re talking about a big-time rush—Team Beachbody style!
This is an INCREDIBLE experience. Again, make the MOST of it. TAKE PICTURES!


10. Celebrate your success at the hottest Summit parties
Coach Summit is known for some truly unforgettable parties. And 2016 will be no exception. Kick off the excitement at Wednesday night’s Team Affinity party!!!  Then get decked out for Friday night’s Qualifying Leadership Ladder Party and Qualifying Success Club Party!!

Lastly, join the closing celebration and block party on Saturday night!  Come celebrate with our Team and share memories to last a lifetime!

Summit is CRAZY busy!! But… we are GOING to CONNECT as a team! Don’t stress over being here or getting there. Make the MOST of this investment you’ve made in your business.



-Pack a notebook & pen
-Bring your charger with you to sessions (or backup battery)
-Breathe, relax and prepare to soak it all in! It’s going to be an AMAZING AMAZING time! Everything you need to know will be in the Summit 2016 app! Take lots of pics, bring a notebook and pens, don’t stress too much about your wardrobe… just have FUN!
-Clear out space in your phone so you have plenty of memory available for new pics!
-Save ALL receipts! This is a business trip/tax write-off!
-Selfie Stick for large group pics!
-If you have special dietary needs, plan an Uber trip to a local grocery store to load up on snacks.
-Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask for pics! This is your opportunity to meet the people you look up to!
NETWORK! Try to find time to get away from people you know and NETWORK. You will meet lots of new friends! I have learned so much from so many coaches from other teams
-Dry shampoo! LOL. It’s BUSY! Fun busy but very busy.  Don’t freak out about outfits. We all want to look nice but you will see a WIDE range of fashion, just BE YOU and soak up every second!!
-Take a lot of pictures.
-GO UP to those who inspire you & introduce yourself.
-Network with your team as MUCH as possible. But also MEET other coaches outside of your team!
-Be sure to LISTEN as much as you share.
-Pack Shakeology in your suitcase.
-Make the MOST of this experience… be present & positive!
-Break off from your roomies/friends to go to sessions.
-Volunteer to help coordinate bringing the team together at events.
-Don’t worry too much about your outfits… showcase your personality & your DRIVE for success in this business!
-And lastly… what to pack & wear:



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