Time To CIZE It Up

Time To CIZE It Up

CIZE is here!!

When was the last time you danced? REALLY danced? Danced because you wanted to let loose, to shake off the week, to hang-out with friends… maybe to raise the stakes on meeting someone new? 

My guess is that it’s been a LONG time. You’ve been doing another kind of dance that’s got you focused on taking care of your kids, your partner, the house, the laundry, your never-ending to-do list… and each spin, side step, forward step, back step and move takes you literally nowhere because there is no time… for YOU. There’s no music. There’s no dance. You’re at a stand-still.

If that’s the case, it’s time for you to start bringing some of that sexy back, get your hands in the air, and shake it off… why? Because you deserve it. Yes, you do! And here’s why…

5 Reasons Why DANCE Should Be Your Workout

  1. It’s FUN and SEXY! Remember how awesome those Friday nights dancing at the club were? I remember when Ryan and I were in the flirting stage… we find each other at the club and dance all night! The energy was off the hook! Why not get hubby in on your workout…you never know what that could lead to… know what I’m talking about?! 😉
  2. Stress RELIEF. Work, kids, work, kids…driving…life can be just downright overwhelming! However, I’ve found that if I get my groove on… I can get out of my head almost instantly. My energy is raised and…BOOM! Instant mood lifter…feel like a million bucks and I’m much better at dealing with what life throws my way.
  3. KILLER workout. Seriously! It blew my mind when I checked my Fitbit after a dance workout and I had crushed 350 calories in 45 minutes… no joke! Did you know you can burn 300-600 calories in just ONE hour of dancing!? True story.
  4. CONFIDENCE. And I know… you may have forgotten how good it feels to let loose and dance like no one is watching, but it’s easier to get that feeling back than you think. Imagine what it will mean for you to get that feeling into your body again and to see the results that will come your way both inside and out!
  5. It’s FAST!! Getting your groove on and benefiting from all of the above takes minutes and the flip of a switch… and PLUS…when you’re focused on the moves and the fun you forget that you’re getting exercise at the same time!  

BONUS reason… no burpees required! Doesn’t that make it even better? 

Ok, so heres the video of us shamelessly shakin’ it off…

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the thing… will it be easy? Heck no! Will it be fun… heck ya! Isn’t that the point?

The bottom line is that it’s a no brainer and makes more sense than long, boring workouts… AND it will take you further than just awesome results!

You find more confidence, better date nights ;), fun and time dedicated to YOU! What a relief!


I’m looking for 7 Women who are ready to invest in themselves and want to join me in a 30 Day DANCE Workout Challenge!

It will all be done online and in the comfort of your own home.

I’ll provide you with the dance workouts, a schedule that will help you plan your dance time, a food plan that will help you with meal planning, and a group of other like-minded woman who are also looking for support and accountability. 

Send us a message on Facebook and we’ll make sure you are in the group. You can grab the challenge pack from me by clicking here. If Ryan is your coach, click here.

NOTE: This literally just launched… making you one of the first in the WORLD to CIZE It Up!

So let me know and i’ll save your spot in the challenge!



Below: A few shots from Nashville for the CIZE launch… 

carolyn-cize cize-nashville

nash-2 nash

nash3 cize-live

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