Top 21 Day Fix Tips & Resources

Top 21 Day Fix Tips & Resources

Top 21 Day Fix Tips & Resources

This is our ultimate resource page for the 21 Day Fix including printables, recipes, tips, meal plans and more!

Hands down the 21 Day Fix is one of our most popular programs and we’ve seen INCREDIBLE results from our clients time and time again!

The 21 Day Fix not only gives you a variety of no-excuses, effective 30 minute workouts that you can do in the privacy of your home, but it gives you a straight forward, simple portion control meal plan system. Not dieting, but simple clean eating that is totally sustainable and can be continued for a life time.

The Basics
Starting with the Food Plan
Understanding the 21 Day Fix Containers
3 Steps for Successful 21 Day Fix Meal Planning
(Includes extra tally sheets and a helpful grocery list PDF)

21 Day Fix Holiday Approved Recipes
21 Day Fix Tofu and Tempeh Recipes
Sample Recipes from Fixate Cookbook
Chocolate peanut butter banana sweet quesadilla
Ultimate Treats
Sinfully Sweet Shakeology Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Shakeology Pudding

Specialized Meal Prep
Vegetarian Meal Prep for 21 Day Fix
Vegan Meal Prep for the 21 day Fix

More tips & ideas
More Calorie-Free Ways to Spice Up Your 21 Day Fix Containers
Calorie-Free Modifications for Each of the 21 Day Fix Containers
100 Shakeology Recipes

Additional Resources
21 Day Fix on Facebook

Need some help in getting started? We’ve coached hundreds of people through the 21 Day Fix. Why not you?

Let’s do this!

It all starts with a conversation (CLICK HERE) to find out where you are at and where you want to go!

Together We Are Stronger!


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