Wicked Wednesday: Mandee’s Transformation

Wicked Wednesday: Mandee’s Transformation

Every transformation starts with the decision to try…

Mentally it has to shift for you where you know that you need to do something… anything to just make it happen.

We all know change is hard. We all know that working out is hard. But so is NOT making a change or NOT working out. You just chose which hard you want to do. You can continue on being overweight, unhealthy, and lack energy all you want. That sounds hard! Or you can choose to do something about it and make a change… which is also hard. So… choose your hard!

Mandee made a decision. She made the decision to take her future into her own hands and make a change. Has it been hard? Yep! Has it been worth it? OH HELL YA!

This is her story…

Five years ago, the idea of looking in a mirror filled me with anxiety. I was overweight, hated having my picture taken, and don’t even get me started on what it felt like to shop for clothing.

I couldn’t understand how I could LET this happen to me, or how to fix it. A year later, I couldn’t take it anymore. A very close friend of mine had just gotten a gym membership, and was loving it so much, and it inspired me to try gym life again. The gym had been hard for me in the past; I was inexperienced, couldn’t afford a trainer, and was so insecure about being “the fat girl,” that it felt so stressful for me to ever throw myself into a workout.

So I signed up. Because, balls to the walls, right?


The first week was hard. But not like it used to be. It was hard because I worked hard. It was hard because I wanted to be healthy so badly, and nothing worthwhile is ever easy. It was hard because I cared so much.

I think that’s where everything changed for me. I got a trainer. I started eating better, making conscious food decisions. I started seeing results as the weight started to drop off. I felt amazing; happier, stronger, sexier, more confident. I lost nearly 12″ around my waist and felt like nothing could stop me.

The first step towards healthy living is making the decision that you want it. I made the decision to work out and be healthy. I also made the decision several years ago that I “didn’t have time” and that I “couldn’t afford it” and fell off the wagon. Sometimes, things happen. Life happens; it throws you a curve ball, you react, and things change for a while. I wanted to regain control of my life, and so I went back to the gym. I started seeing those same results again, feeling the positive changes not just in my body, but also in my mental and emotional well-being.


Then I met Ryan, and I was inspired by his positive outlook and his fitness posts, and I tried Beachbody and Shakeology. This has taught me that there is ALWAYS time for you. There is always time to make good, healthy choices for your lifestyle. It’s shown me how to prioritize my time, and how to really dial in on my nutrition. I’ve met some wonderful people who have kept me motivated and inspired, whom I’m also so proud of for making the same lifestyle choices as I have. This is how it sticks; surround yourself with amazing, like-minded people, and you have no choice BUT to succeed.


My fitness journey is nowhere near over. I suspect it never will be, and I’m glad of that! I’m having fun, and I’m feeling like I’m building the best me that exists. Sometimes it’s hard. Nobody said it would be easy, but I can tell you right now that the journey alone is worth it.


Pretty incredible, huh?

Everything starts with a decision.

What are you waiting for?

Change is possible. And you do not have to do it alone.

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