Wicked Wednesday: Nicki’s Journey

Wicked Wednesday: Nicki’s Journey

Time for a heartfelt story from my friend, and one of my Coaches, Nicki who’s been on a journey that started long ago. She’s come so far and I am so incredibly proud of her…

I’ve never compared pictures of my “before and after” mostly because it’s been a really bumpy ride.

Lots of up and downs. I’ve always been a bigger girl… not huge, but never fit. I ate what I wanted and kept busy riding horses and such, but never any sort of working out.

The left picture is of me at my heaviest. It was a year out of university. The right is a few weeks ago.

I never had a “light bulb” moment, but about a year after my heaviest I had a job where I was really active and lost a lot of weight. I felt great and when I started to gain some weight again (never got my eating in line) I freaked out and took up running and did that for a few years.

Somewhere along the line I found some cheap fitness DVDs and had pretty good results with them, but I was obsessive. I worked out a good 3 hours a day… running 12 miles was an easy day for me. I didn’t see at the time, but I was too small.

At that point, I became pregnant with our first child and gained a lot of weight. I felt miserable the whole time.

I did lose it quickly, but once again developed an unhealthy obsession with exercise. I found Insanity in this time and fell in love with the program.

Fast forward another year and another baby with lots of weight gained. Started working out again, but with two kids and a demanding job, I couldn’t commit the time anymore.

Somewhere along the line I found the 21 Day Fix, and then from there 21 Day Fix Extreme, Game Changers, and Carolyn.

With my first round of 21 Day Fix, I struggled with only doing 30 minute workouts, but Carolyn encouraged me to trust the process. So I did.

I love that in 30-45 minutes a day I can finish my workouts… I don’t let myself find excuses. I feel less panicky when I have to miss a workout. I’m in great shape and feel much more in control then I ever have before.

I never dreamed that I would ever love weights, but I do. I’m up to 40 lbs on some moves!

In the process, I am working on learning to love myself.

With that comes belief in myself and with that I am learning to control my binge eating urges…

It’s been a journey and I know there will be many more highs and lows, but during the lows is when I learn the most about myself. 

– Nicki

Pretty wow, hey?

Change is possible. And you do not have to do it alone.

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